Provide with Project Gaushala – The Cow Economy

vibhushri mauli with gaumata gaushala cow economy
Two Maulies in a pod - Vibhushri with Gau Mauli at Gaushala
the abundance of cow economy

Project Gaushala - for the Living Mauli who gives away Her all

We collaborate with and support various Gaushalas in the vicinity of Mumbai. Help us Providing them financial support for subsistence & to enhance the living conditions of our dear Gau Maulies & her baby calves 

Your donations are directly passed on as support for maintenance for hygienic cattle houses, provision of greener fodder, nutritious grains & other appropriate foods. A portion of the donations would be used for researching sustainable Cow Economy and to spread awareness about an ecosystem which is rooted in the ancient practice of having the Gau Mauli as apart of the household – an anchor for love & peace in each home. Join us in giving back to the Gau Mauli who gives so much to us.

gaushala practice Maulies at Mahashivratri - one of Bodhmarga projects
An Economy Abundant in Peace, rooted in health and gratitude, based on Organic byproducts from the Gau Mauli.
An ecosystem of Soul-based living, giving back to the Sacred Gau Mauli, to retore our wellbeing & connection to nature.
Renewal of EnergyAdopting the old traditions for utilizing Cow Products, in daily life, for bio-holistic restoration. .
The origin

The Story of Project Gaushala

Restoring the health of our minds, hearts, homes & economies.

Using Cow based products has been a quintessential part of the Indian household, traditionally.


Bodhmarga offers a variety of processes  to experience benefits of the products – eg. physical Vaagyagya.