vibhushri mauli with gaumata gaushala cow economy

Project Gaushala

A sustainable & economic way of appreciating Mother Nature with the Gau Mauli - a source of Divinity for all Grihastha, for balanced households.

mauli spiritual community learning self transformation

Mauli Community

A Consciously Evolving Community Living ecosystem of Volunteers & Soyaras based on preservation, connection for a gently revolutionary & truly uplifting lifestyle.

Pasaydaan book publication

Bodh Publication

Impactful insights of the Awakened Masters, published as easy-to-understand books to make that deep wisdom accessible for all in today’s world.

sun meditation vitthal kriya mahashivratri bhav culture ebhav

Bhav Culture

For the Peace of a modern-day householder, this Culture enables you to Effortlessly Uplift your vibrations & make your world blessed through Bhav Shuddhi.

Research on Sound Healing bodh spanda siddha sound healing instruments singing bowls gosh pushpa gosh kundi sound healing therapy sound bath session by Vibhushri at Bodhmarga Foundation mahashivaratri spiritual awakening event

Living Research

Scientifically-proven facts & Surrender-initiated faith combine to form the basis of the research that Bodhmarga is dedicated to making accessible to all.​

getting clarity about life from Vibhushri at Bodhmarga

Current Activities

A wide range of regular, free events that add to the momentum of ongoing projects & bring Ease to our journeys - enjoy, engage and enlighten with our activities!