YogaShakti Shibir
3 Days of Pure Wisdom, Joy,  
Entertainment, Music, Dance, and fun!
27th - 28th - 29th Oct 2023 in Mumbai
 Get into the festive spirit with RAAG RANG RAAS this Navratri!
Are you ready to awaken the divine shakti within?
YogaShakti Shibir

Activate the 9 Hidden Powers of the Soul: Transform Your Life By Connecting To A Higher Power

Without rigorous practice, and even rituals or traditions

Don't Miss Out! Only 3 Days Left to Experience the Divine Shakti

Exclusively In the Physical presence of Nada Yogi Vibhushri

Unplug and Reconnect with Nature and Soyras in Our Private Community

Learn Advanced Techniques to Elevate Your Practice with 9D Shakti

Glimpses from our last program at the venue

Is this Shibir for you?

Is Your Mind Distracted or Disturbed?

Do you let negative people and events control your life?

Do you feel overburdened in regards to your duties & responsibilities?

Do you find yourself deviating from your life purpose?

Are your financial and spiritual efforts leaving you feeling unstable?

What is the key to a balanced life?

If one of the above statements applies to you, this Shibir is right for you.

Transform your life with YogaShakti's powerful techniques!!

Optimize your Health, Wealth & Relations practically through ancient yogic wisdom  

Come Explore & Activate the hidden 9D powers of Shakti with us
Physical Presence of Vibhushri
    • 1. The Fundamentals & Dynamics of Energy 
    • 2. Understanding the 3 Body Doctrines
  • 3. Ancestral Forgiveness & Release from 6 Doshas   
  • 4. Activation of 9 Hidden Divine Powers for Success
  • 5. Practical application of the 9 Divine Powers 
  • 6. Tools to go beyond Worldly Problems
  • 7. Sound Therapy & Deep Relaxation
  • 8. Devotional Siddha Kirtans & Divine Garba Celebration
  • 9. Live Q&A with Vibhushri
  • 10. Spirituality, Vedanta, Awakening & BodhMarga Philosophy
  • 11. Nature Walks, Meditation & Silence
  • 12. Lifetime Community Support & Private Hub Access
  • 13. Food & Stay Included
  • and Much More...
 Let's work on 1 Energy,  
3 Body Doctrines,  6 Doshas with 9 Shaktis
Shibir Begins
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About Nada Yogi Vibhushri
Empowered by Nada Yoga and immersed in devotion, Vibhushri has carved his path to the Inner Self and continues to help people in their spiritual well-being. Vibhushri has helped many people recuperate from their physical, mental, and emotional turmoil.

Vibhushri propounded the philosophy of ‘Synergy and Flow’ with the universe, his unique workshops on DNA and Navel Activation, Spiritual Discourses on Gita & Dnyaneshwari and Yogic Practices derived from them have positively transformed many lives.

85,000+ Lives Transformed Since 2012
 Impacted 85K+ Lives Since 2012
"Our Mission"
To create a firm foundation on which society & family as a whole can Prosper Consciously
Years of Experience
Conducted 3000+ Workshops, Retreats & Webinars across the World
 Life Transforming Program
In the avenues of Health, Wealth & Relationships through tried & tested methods
20+ Years of Research
Perfectly Blending Sound Technology & Yogic Science
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Recognized & Awarded By
Media & Coverage
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Discover the ancient secrets of Our Community lifestyle
Come Explore & Transform
Create a Better Future for Yourself!  
 Get ready to dance in the humble abode of the Divine Self!
Shibir Begins
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Where do I find other details regarding the Shibir?

After registration, You will be added to a Whatsapp group in which all details will be shared with you a week before the Shibir. 

How do I register for YogaShakti Shibir?

You are already on the Registration Page. Please click on the above buttons to proceed with the Shibir payment. If you need further assistance, call us  on 8080808455 or Whatsapp us  on 8356061135 during office hours.

How many seats are available in one course?

Only 35 seats are available. Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis only.

Is Food & Stay included in the package?
Yes. The Food, Stay & Course is all covered in the package.

+91 8356061135
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