About Us

About Us

Pillars of Bodh Marga

The Path of Peaceful Self-Transformation in Awareness, every moment.

To Pass on the Light & Warmth of Compassionate Awareness to All in our lives, starting with ourselves.

The Bodhmarga Foundation is founded to combine Science and Surrender for Ease in the journey of Spiritual Seekers from all backgrounds.

This Foundation is a Blessed Amalgamation of being in the state of Yog in Wisdom, in Connection & in Choice – it offers Core Values from a lineage of Ascended Masters of Sound, a spectrum of human channels of self-transforming Compassionate Connection & gentle disciplines for elevating our quality of life on a day to day & moment to moment basis. 

Endowed with a Divine Core of Akriya Yog,  this path is Sahaj – uniquely aligned to the voice of our Soul – and leading to the Upliftment of our experience of this life, Uddhaar.

These Pillars serve as steps to our collective evolution on the path of Awareness, which is simply a conscious & effortless structure of interacting with the world, with our energies, in our daily lives, giving us a stable foundation of Peace, with Ease.

In the Light & Presence of Torch-Bearing Gentle Consciousness, Vibhushri.

Know Us

Our Core Values

The ABCD of the Path of Awareness is EFGH.

guru pooja vibhushri sant dyaneshwar gurudev datta
SIMPLY PRESENT with bodhmarga

Pause the Paradox of Spirituality

One can simply receive Awareness by being present & joining the momentum of Divine Presence, being gently transmitted by the Voice of Vibhushri. Observe an easeful shift, through simply listening.


No change in food habits, conduct, belief systems and there is no need to place faith in a new deity, guru, or persona. Bodhmarga is the path of self transformation through radical acceptance of your truth.


Bodh Marga requires no meditation, no chanting, yoga or rituals. It is the journey of non-doing, a Happening. It is an ‘Akriya Marga,’ that which leads one to a state of Witnessing a deep Fulfillment in life.


Our Story

Bodhmarga began as an endowment, a fruit of the life-changing event in the life of Rivesh Vade, who proceeded to be endowed with the Consciousness of Vibhushri.

Surviving a terrible car collision proved to be Serendipitous as it led to a Direct Awakening for Rivesh ji and in the intense moments of Awareness, the connection of Vibrations, Sound and Spirituality was revealed to him, as a direct transfer of the Wisdom of Spanda Shastra. With this new-found ancient wisdom, it was time to go beyond living in the web of expectations , attachments & emotions and as the Spiritual Awakening eased into Awareness, the germination of Bodhmarga Foundation happened. 

Founded in 2012, Bodhmarga Foundation proceeded to be recognized as a Charitable Trust for Spiritual Wellbeing. Coming from a scientific background, the Founders ensured that the practices at Bodhmarga were rooted in Science, recognized in essence by ancient & modern researchers.

A Vibrational Research Center, Bodhmarga has thus taken on the role of being an uplifting ecosystem for Easeful Living, the journey of a lifetime for the Seekers of Spiritual Liberation & Fulfillment.

Bodhmarga was able to smoothly transition into a Dedicated Path of Awareness as the involvement of the participants expanded into a collective, daily practice of Self-transformation from within, in affiliation with the the branch of a private limited establishment of scientific focus on Spiritual Wellbeing, Wellness Vibe.

In it’s more than a decade long journey, Bodhmarga as had a profound impact on thousands of participants across the globe through it’s vast number of events & programs for bringing hamony & healing in physiological, spiritual and relational dynamics.

To be in Bodhmarga is to Rediscover the Science of Surrender & Peace, Consciously, Effortlessly.

The impetus of Bodhmarga in your life can be summarized by the Founder’s message. 

the path of awareness

Welcome to the Path

Bodhmarga stands for the ‘Path of Awareness’ and propagates ‘the Path that always keeps us in the Presence and Guidance of Divinity’

Conceived to ensure human well-being and growth, BodhMarga Foundation uses the profound and ancient teachings of ‘Advaita’, ‘Mahayog of Pasaydaanand ‘Spanda Shastra’ (the science of vibrations) to realize this.

To be in BodhMarga does not require you to have a religious background, follow any practice or Guru, mantra or meditate daily. Rather, it takes you through a ritual-free effortless path, guiding the person to free themselves from karmic bondages, sufferings, and move towards truth, freedom and peace. 

We aim to enhance the quality of lives of the 21st Century men and women by enabling them to return to Bodh at any given moment, situation or relationship. With a blend of spirituality, scientific tools, sacred sounds & transmutative, endowed practices, Bodhmarga aims for us to receive sustainable growth, peace, wholeness & embrace the blessings in all its forms, in our life.