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the blooming of a lifetime

Awakening with Bodh happens in a Moment. The Journey is to Practice Sustaining it.

Bodh is not learned, earned or acquired by effort. Bodh is not the result of any discipline, ritual, yoga, or spiritual exercise.

Bodh awakens spontaneously in the one who is in a state of prayerful surrender.

Bodh simply awakens in the Presence of an Awakened Master who embodies the Conscious Practice of Awareness.

Bodhmarga is the journey which allows you to experience life from the perspective of the Soul, by deconditioning you from the narratives & lenses of emotional turmoil, transgressions & traumas.
It allows us to realize the choice of being free to be at Peace, in any given moment.

Peace is an obvious consequence of Sincerely choosing the clarity of your Soul. And Bodhmarga prepares you for the Peace that comes with this Sincerity. It provides the support required in the dark night of the soul which one may have to go through to accept & transmute their individual ego & coping mechanisms.
This enlightenment while being in the body one inhabits has been called Jivan Mukti.

Bodh is Atma-Prapti, the acquisition of the Self.
The path of Kundalini, ashtanga yoga, mindfulness and various other spiritual disciplines are paths of gradual unfoldment while Bodh makes way for the path of spontaneous, easeful upliftment.Bodh Margis may, however, experience the spontaneous rising of Kundalini, movements in the body, and trance without any conscious effort on their part.

Bodh begins with awareness of the body – Deh Bodh, requiring some effort.
Bodh proceeds to awareness of the mind – Mano Bodh, following Deh Bodh.

Bodh concludes in Easeful awareness of the unity of the seeker, the individual soul, and the supreme soul. – Atma Bodh.

So what begins with action (kriya) ends in (akriya). Bodh Marga is therefore called the path of Kriya-Akriya.

This state of non-doing is one where one enters the river of grace.
All one needs to survive and thrive is given to the Bodh Margi.
All who come in the presence of a Bodh Margi also experience the awakening of Bodh. When Bodh awakens one experiences peace. Others around the one in whom Bodh has awakened experience peace. When Bodh awakens in one’s heart, one experiences groundedness, regulation & unconditional love for all beings & so do others in their life.

Bodh awakens self-inquiry. Bodh awakens the question – Who am I?
Bodh answers – You are THAT which makes the body & mind light, cleanses emotions.
And moves us to being and knowing our Truth. Living it with Clarity is the path of Bodhmarga, the flame of Awareness, granted by The Awakened Master, Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj.

Shuddhi (Cleansing), Nirdoshta (Free of Guilt), Samta (Equanimity) are the essential pillars to grow towards the Spiritual Awakening which helps us to eliminate the patterns of Sufferings – Bhog, Karma, Vasana to Vitraag Yog – the Detached State in which we can achieve absolute Clarity in Intellect – Viveka Buddhi.

Living with this Easeful Clarity in our everyday Lives is the Seeker’s Journey at Bodhmarga.

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Ascendance in vibration

Our Work for Evolution

Uplifting the experiential baseline of our lives and our emotions happens at 3 levels at Bodhmarga – Body Training, Mind Training & Heart Cleaning 

Upliftment on the level of Body-Mind means to work on one’s patterns in Emotions, Thoughts, Experiences & Vibrations with restorative & renewal processes of Akriya Yog.

Then is the stage to work with the Energies that is, to connect with our own Navel, declutter the mind and find an inner silence Nabhi Bindu, to truly ground ourselves.

After the Nabhi Bindu, we work on de-burdening the Heart, Hridaya or Hara Kendra which is the Seat of Love, Compassion & Awakening.

Mauli – The one who takes this cleansing journey of a lifetime, in whom Bodh has awakened has been called Mother or Mauli in Marathi.
The Mauli is a blessing to the family, neighborhood, region, country and the world & Mauli’s Presence awakens the Mauli nature of others. It heals the body, the mind, and the emotions.

The Mauli can be a man or a woman whose Divine feminine nature has awakened. The Mauli radiates self-less love, compassion, peace, and abundance for all those in their world.

The purpose of the Bodh Marga Foundation is for all of us to become a Source of Compassion – ‘Maulis,’ in our inner & outer worlds.

Who Bodhmarga is for

Answers for those on the Path of



People who are living regular lives as house holders Grihastha, and want to be uplifted with Ease


People who want to make good choices, speak good words, have good thoughts & share good vibes


People who want to experience inner stability & freedom from heavy patterns & emotional burdens of self & others