Founder’s Message

Founders message - Naad Yogi Vibhushri Shri Rivesh Vade spiritual master grace guru siddha lineage gyanottar bhakti
the founder's message
sahaj uddhaar

Vibhushri is not a person - It is the Presence of the Divine Peace in all. I wish for you to grow powerfully Aware of this Divinity in your life, in your present moment. May this Awareness in you, rise consciously, effortlessly.


Vibhushri - Rivesh Vade

Rivesh Vade is an Engineering Post graduate from GEC Karad with Management in Marketing from SJM School of Management- IIT Bombay. He is a pioneer in sharing the Ancient art of Nada Yoga based on Sound and Vibrations in India & helping it reach across the globe.

Rivesh Vade has helped transform lives of many people across globe by sharing tools and transmutative practices & prayers based on ancient yogic wisdom.

He has also presented the research on “Sound and Ayurveda for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing” at International Ayurveda Congress taking place in London,2017 and is a Times Group Award Winner for Sound & Frequency Expert with a background in epigenetics.

Recently, he was the Chief Spokesperson of the Culture of Peace – Annual UNESCO Chair Programme On Pasaydaan at MIT World Peace University in 2021.

A tireless researcher & a successful energy/spiritual coach, who has devoted the last two decades of his life to the quest of being on the cutting-edge of Science & Spirituality on wealth, relationship, health, fitness, and energy enhancement.

For the last 8 years, he’s been studying the impact of sound & frequency on behaviour, DNA patterns & awakening.