Current Activities

Bodh kirtan at Mahashivratri 2023 Bodh Kirtan, praising the divine, bhajan songs of god, sacred chants and mantras bodh spanda

Bodh Kirtan

The Divine Hymns, Mantras & Chants along with specific Wisdom shared by Vibhushri, to bring your heart into frequencies of Peace, Belonging & Healing.

6 minute bhagavad gita wisdom series effortless bodhmarga foundation vibhushri

6 Minute Bhagwat Gita

Vibhushri’s Avtarit Gita - a powerful summation of the essence of each Bhagwat Gita chapter, provided via a mind map for the busy person.

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Pasaydaan Distribution

An endowing, open hearted initiative of physical & digital distribution of the Practical Handbook 'The Maha Yog of Pasaydaan,' for Peace across the globe.

E Bhav prayers

Soksha Moksha

Relational Harmony & Restoration in the Present moment happens with Soksha Moksha - a Prayer for Transmutation, to the Collective Consciousness in All.

morning sun meditation vitthal kriya with vibhushri at mahashivaratri event by bodhmarga foundation self awareness expansion stillness

Vitthal Kriya

The Geometry of Alignment happens with Vitthal Kriya, allowing us to experience the Divine, restorative essence of Akriya Yog in merely 3 minutes.

bodhopaay event ceremony at bodhmarga foundation spiritual festival of mahashivaratri with vibhushri


An intense Awakening process which happens once a year with Vibhushri during Mahashivratri & instantly Elevates our being into Trust & Clarity.

volunteer at bodhmarga seva bhaav service towards divine guru seva unconditional service true seva

Volunteering in Seva

Given digitally & physically in the consecrated space of Bodh Nivas for various activities and events to bring
Ease & Expansion to the ecosystem.

mauli spiritual community learning self transformation

Mauli Training

Empowering the dedicated Soyara community to be physically, emotionally, spiritually & digitally aware & evolve in Service of their Soul.

glimpses from Mahashivaratri event by Vibhushri at Bodhmarga Foundation spiritual awakening workshop retreat

Vibhushri Answers

An Impactful, Classic Question & Answer experience with Vibhushri LIVE for Soyaras who wish to deepen their faith, enlighten their minds & lighten their hearts.