Vitthal Kriya

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The Sacred Chants Kirtan from the Midnight of Mahashivratri 2023
the geometry of spiritual growth

Vitthal Kriya

For Higher Consciousnes, Vitthal Kriya is a hidden & powerful Yogic Kriya which helps us to sense & activate our connection with the Higher Self, amplify our energy, grow spiritually & regulate our body & mind with Soul Presence. It roots the five senses and helps one attain the self- realization of Hari, Oneness & return to a natural state of love and bliss.

The Geometry of Alignment is a phenomenon of a deeply powerful happening, revealed as Vitthal Kriya, allowing us to experience the essence of Akriya Yog in merely 3 minutes.

The very sound made by the word “Vitthal” leads the one who utters it to the inner world. In fact, Yogic Chanting has always been recognized as the first step towards meditation and spiritual growth. It also helps in maintaining health and well-being. In fact, recent research has indicated that chanting “Vit-TThal” loudly, especially while being in the yogic posture, can lead to a stable heart rate, lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation, increased production of endorphins and aids metabolic process. Chanting can also help to focus the mind, which in turn alleviates stress levels. At BodhMarga, one is taught to chant Vitthala in a specific and accurate manner so as to derive maximum benefit from the emanating sound. This helps the person to remain rooted in his spiritual practice or sadhana.

It is noticed that just after a few minutes of chanting, one gradually develops similar sound vibrations within. Once this practice is continued for a longer time, one will be able to hear the anahata, or the inner sound. In the path of Vitthal Nada Yoga, one eventually goes within and communes with the deep inner sounds of the chakras, including the great AUM sound.

PanthaRaj Kriya Yoga or BodhKriya – The Pantharaj Kriya leads the yogi to the realization of Advaita Vedanta. Oneness can only be experienced when duality is overcomed, which is possible only when our inner energy from ida and pingala enters into sushumna. Else, such an experience of oneness is impossible and it only remains a philosophical thought.

Although all forms of Yoga can take a sincere seeker to Self-realization, yet Sant Dnyaneshwara’s Pantha Raja Yoga is considered as the royal path and is the fastest one. It is an advanced Raja Yoga technique as it works directly on the inner life-force, leading the practitioner to a state of devotional love (Bhakti), which is a natural corollary to knowing and union. In fact, Sant Dnyaneshwar has termed this phenomenon as “Gyanottar Bhakti.”

It is a simple 3 minute kriya that allows us to grow in health, in life and in harmony with the spirit inside and the people outside.

Our body has a survival mechanism active in the visceral body – which is a net-like structure of fibers connecting our nerves – primary the vagus nerve that passes from the brain stem, along the spinal cord, all the way to the pelvic region. From a scientific, nervous system point of view, scientists have discovered that this nerve has the primary role in directing our everyday functional states of being – we are either in the rest and digest ie. the growth mechanisms or we are in a state of fight or flight ie. survival mechanisms. In the survival mode, our blood flow is away from the viscera and heart, and toward the limbs. This state is triggered by us being in fear, anxiety or stress or in a very reactive, emergency-like environment.

The Vitthal Kriya helps reverse this & gently regulate your nervous system to shift your vagus nerve toward the growth mechanism as it helps strengthen the heart & regulate blood flow & the produce harmones like oxytocin & serotonin with the help of the vibration of the word, ‘Vitthal’.

We once again welcome you to this DIVINE path of self-realisation.

Click here to listen to the experience of people who have been practicing Vitthal Kriya.

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The origin

The Revelation of Vitthal Kriya

Restoring the health of our minds, hearts & homes and shifting our lives from disorder to order.

Using mudras has been a quintessential part of mnay cultures and the Indian household, traditionally.

The Joining of the hands in itself is a powerful mudra representing many aspects of Yoga. 

Bodhmarga offers a variety of processes to experience benefits of the simple resources and tools for Yoga, including the Vitthal Kriya.