BodhSeva – Selfless Service To Humanity With Gratitude

Service, whatever form it takes, is the flow of love from one human being to another. This desire to share is our basic nature. Sincere giving — without any expectation of return — breaks the boundaries of conditional love and expands our ability to love every human being unconditionally. To share this love and be in joy, kindly click below to volunteer in our various initiatives or if you have any queries and want to know more you can contact us.


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  1. Yes, there is a wonderful scope of seva and volunteering at Bodhmarga as we are coming up with various activities, ideation and projects for meeting the vision and mission of Sahajuddhaar ( with Pasaydaan distribution ) and mission million maulies ( having 10 lakh soyaras who are dedicated and committed to living consciously with compassion – prem Bhaav and sahaj Bodh bhav )
  2. There are many teams at Bodhmarga including socialmedia, website, documentation, youtube, event management, project management, project design, research, activity co-ordination, video production and more..
  3. There are 2 ways currently to volunteer – one is digital seva and one is physical seva as each of the teams and activities at Bodhmarga have a physical and digital aspect.
  4. Physical seva currently involves committing to coming to Bodhnivas, Mumbai monthly or weekly to dedicate time to the meetings and activities at the center as per guidance from teams / Maulies and Vibhushri
  5. Digital seva allows us to remotely give seva for the digital aspect of all of the projects and activities.
  6. There is a concept of Short-Term Seva in Digital Seva that allows currently working and dedicated soyaras to give seva for a fixed task for a fixed amount of time. A short audio or video tutorial ( 2 to 10 mins) is provided for given task 🙏🏻
    Eg. Indexing YouTube videos, Transcription, Review, Messaging and Reviewing comments, Writing blogs or reviewing ideas for blogs, collecting and sharing testimonials, ideation of video production etc.
  7. There is a process followed for each of the Seva and the dedicated Mauli of the respective Team will guide you further. You may contact below maulies for further detail and for clarity on exactly what is required in the team / project.
  8. ° Prabuddha, Priyulji for Digital Seva 🙏🏻
    ° Meeraji, Tejalji, Namrataji for Physical Seva 🙏🏻
  9. You are free to mention your bhav, interest and skill and it will be accommodated in your given task.
  10. It is an expectation free seva – we will not have expectations or inhibition from each other and sahaj sincerity toward Bodhmarga🙏🏻
  11. The 30+ currently active volunteering soyaras or maulies also started small and are also growing so we are simply growing together in Seva Bhav, soyara Bhav and Sahaj Bhav through these tasks 🙏🏻🤍
  12. Vibhushri and Maulies handhold for the seva activities as and when required so only requirement is for you to be present for that time🙏🏻