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Welcome to Bodhmarga

Grow Consciously, Effortlesly.

Bodhmarga is an Experiential Pathway to Peace, Oneness and Universal Consciousness.

This spiritual approach, grounded in scientific principles of Sound & Vibration, helps individuals shift their emotional states by listening to enlightened teachings, verses, and Sacred Kirtan. They consistently note decrease in overthinking & irritation, paving the way for heightened contentment, clarity and love.

Navigating this transformative journey expands your identity, guiding a transition from ‘I-ness’ to ‘One-ness,’ fostering a harmonious state of unity and oneness contributing to inner and world peace.


Events and Activities

Check our activities and events to help you experience ease and inner peace in life by increasing your Awareness and come in Bhav.

Join The Community

Be a part of our Soyara community helping eachother grow together in journey of Bhav (Awareness) and volunteer in our various activities.

Pasaydaan Journey

The transmutative journey to transform our current challenges & relationships to grow consciously & lead a peaceful & easeful life.

Regular Programs

Bodh Kirtan, praising the divine, bhajan songs of god, sacred chants and mantras
Bodh Kirtan
Vibhushri Sun meditation - mahashivratri Bodhmarga Vitthal kriya yoga
e Bhav Prayers
pasaydaan satsang gita jayanti bodhmarga events

Upcoming Events And

bhav culture event daily prayers meet spiritual tribe blessings
E Bhav – Daily
July 1, 2023-September 8, 2024
Inner Peace for World Peace

Why Bodhmarga?

Originating from India, BodhMarga serves a universal spiritual purpose, free from religious or cultural bias. It provides a pathway for individuals, to progress from their current state toward a future that unlocks their complete human potential. The sole requirement is the seeker’s willingness to participate in a daily online prayer meet.

At its core, BodhMarga teaches that self-transformation catalyzes societal transformation. Devoted to reshaping humanity one individual at a time, it recognizes that lasting impact emerges from genuine, personal character development.

A standout feature, “Bodhopaya – The Quick Awakening,” a yogic energy imparted by the spiritual guide, is both infinitely subtle and capable of profound spiritual transformation. Through grace and specific sounds, aspirants experience significant shifts in energy and vibration, dissolving impurities and accelerating spiritual progress, making BodhMarga distinctive in the realm of spiritual transformation.

Practitioners of BodhMarga are called “Maulis,” a term from Sanskrit that represents the overcoming of limitations imposed by maya.

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Suggested Offering : ₹ 2000

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    Real life stories

    Bhav Sharings

    Being a part of the Bodhmarga Foundation has helped me let go of many subtle yet stressful coping mechanisms, & underlying trauma with ease, connection and love. It's helped me come out of the disease of autoimmunity to the ease of a regulated nervous system, helping me grow in all areas of my life and de-burden my heart in the present.
    blogs and quotes by bodhmarga foundation Vibhushri
    Prabhu M.
    TI Therapist

    Living life with Ease and Grace has happened. Participating in the various events by BodhMarga - Haripath, Pasayadaan and Bodh Prakriya events has not only made my spiritual journey possible but also taken it to the next level. Seeing the Divine in my relationships and appreciating the phases of life has become a daily phenomenon.
    Pasaydaan book publication
    Sneha S.

    All the programs have grown my self realization & taught me forgiveness, freeing me from mental burdens of anger or betrayal from close ones, which I unconsciously carried for the past few years. My deepest gratitude to Vibhushri, the Bodhmarga team & community for helping me progress in this journey of Awakening.
    blogs and quotes by bodhmarga foundation Vibhushri
    Vaibhav V.
    Tech Specialist

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