Pasaydaan – The Book for Joyous Living

The Bestselling Practical Spiritual Book of Pasaydaan for Peace & Ease
bringing the peace of awareness to daily life

Pasaydaan - The Simple Laws of Peaceful Living

The Pasaydaan is an illuminating prayer which provides the basis of sustainable Awareness of the Self and of Life. 

Pasaydaan is a prayer to be experienced, not just chanted. It is a Blessing given to us by the Ascended Master, St. Dyaneshwar Mauli, who was the first to make the essence and wisdom of the Bhagwad Gita accessible to all.

It is a Prayer for Upliftment which connects One to Oneness and provides harmony, resolution & peace for all.

This Powerful prayer allows us to return to the Present moment, and out of all conflicts of the mind about the past and the future. The tugs of war in life, in our minds and hearts ceases as we begin to embrace the Present moment. 

The Pasaydaan Book is transliteration of the meaning revealed to Vibhushri, presented to you in his intended words. A joint effort and the fruit of many months of revisions by the Soyara community and a dedicated team of volunteers, this book is to serve as a beacon of light to help all who are in search of peace and harmony in any aspect of their lives, to be able to access the wisdom of the Pasaydaan through experiencing it for themselves.

This book is one of many publications to come in the near future from the Bodh Publication House.

Bodhmarga wishes to build a library of spiritual resources in various media forms, for all to experience & utilize for their spiritual growth & transformation, consciously, effortlessly.

Join us in working for the Divine to bring the transmutive prayer of Pasaydaan to all.

This Book allows for receiving the Solution to the emotions, questions & tensions which rise to the surface in our practical lives, in our relationships & minds. 

Breaking painful patterns & perceptions, Balancing thought, Regulating emotions & Harmonizing all our Relationships in our daily life is the basis of Pasaydaan Living – the Living in which we experience Mutual Gratitude, Mutual Generosity & Mutual Upliftment.

The Handbook of Joyful Living, comprising of 9 concise truths, for each of us to grow consciously, effortlessly & progress toward world peace through inner peace.
Accessing the life transforming wisdom of the Bhagwat Gita's essence, which holds true across all generations and helps us triumph in life & thrive peacefully.
Harmony in RelationshipsConnecting to Oneness - the Soul in All - to transform our life circumstances, troubles & relationships and have emotional balance.
The origin

The Revelation of the Pasaydaan Book

Restoring the health of our minds, hearts, homes & relationships.

Using a Sacred text for our Guidance has been a quintessential part of the Indian household, traditionally.

Bodhmarga offers a variety of processes to experience teachings of the Sacred texts and Prayers through its Programs, primarily – the Pasaydaan Program that happens each month.

Experience Naad Yog with Pasaydaan

Book Launch of Pasaydaan Book at CCI, Delhi.