Bodh Publication Series

Pasydaan Book distribution
The Wave of Harmony - Soyaras holding the 1st edition of the Pasaydaan book
Bodh Publication Series

Bodh Publication Series - a Written Source of Harmony in our worlds.

We are currently publishing a book on Pasaydaan in various languages which is a handbook for Peaceful and joyous living, supplemented with processes of Transmutive Prayer.

We also have are in process of designing Pasaydaan book for Kids in story format so parents can be helped to bring this deep wisdom to them in an easeful, engaging way.

The Bodh Publication series would nurture the Gyaan Yog aspect of the MahaYog Practice of the Bodhmarga Journey expand to a wide variety of physical & digital resources, covering a variety of topics which allow one to elevate their experience of life through the words of Wisdom of Vibhushri & practical processes to come closer to discovering their own truth, to re-write their current selves. Join us in this profound act of making this life-altering knowledge available to all.

Pasydaan Book distribution
Pillars of Peace for all Seekers, in the form of Books & written text, having easeful language, concentrated wisdom & directly revealed guidance for Growing Consciously, Effortlessly.
A vast library of published resources that allow for the modern-day you to - to access, assimilate & apply the wisdom of the powerful Masters of Yog for health, harmony & healing.
Be Deburdened, this momentSeamlessly experience inner peace with the powerfully simple Soksha Moksha - a process to break karmic loops & realize relational harmony. .
The origin

The Story of Bodh Publication House

Restoring the health of our minds, hearts, homes & perceptions.

The endless cycles of bookish learning being normalized in conventional education have led to us being trapped in an intellectual gymnasium even in regards to Spiritual Wisdom – we study the sacred texts in a only to miss out on understanding the essence they were intended to convey.

True Wisdom is not learned, but transferred in the Presence of a Master – its experience happens in a moment, and is applied over a period of years. This is precisely why having a continuous Shishya Bhav – Being in the Receiving Mode, is valued above all other processes, in order to Grow Consciously, Effortlessly.

At Bodhmarga, we initially follow the Gyaan marga – the path of Wisdom. Here, the Wisdom is experienced, not taught or merely understood, which leads to having the required dedication for rising above the tangled web of traps & triggers that burden our perception & experience of the world, especially relationships.

Bodhmarga is on the way to building a library of written resources – in the form of published books & texts, in many languages to spread the guidance that was revelead to Vibhushri about the essence of a variety of ancient sciences – which serve as a Source of reference & inspiration for many of the current best-sellers. 

In today’s day and age, it is important for us to connect to the experience of what we learn so that it does not remain a mere game of knowing more than someone else. The Seekers of Truth, Wisdom and Peace are gradually awakening to a pursuit of deeper awareness – of the self and of the cycles of life. Bodhmarga’s Books serve as catalysts for these people who wish to embrace and transmute their lives with ease.

The Wisdom in these powerful publications is given to us to apply and experience in simple ways, helping us unburden peacefully & see a profound shift in our realities, through expanded perception, with the powerful insights of the Masters as is, with the Pasaydaan.