The Foundation


Take the True Journey of a Lifetime. Evolve & Expand on this Path.

The Path where Peaceful Self-Transformation Happens daily with Acceptance & Presence.

From birth, we are conditioned to an outward journey – a journey of titles, roles & ranks. Bodhmarga allows you to gently un-condition. You move from consumption to connection – experiencing an inner journey of ease .

Being a non-profit organization, Bodhmarga paves the way for a collective shift toward a peaceful world through a foundation of inner peace and offers easeful, accessible resources & initiatives for all, beyond religion & belief systems.


Sahajoddhaar -
Grow Consciously, Effortlessly in all areas of life, coming into a state of Ease within.


Create a community and space for Soul based living which is in harmony with nature, child-friendly and self sustainable.


Expand toward having a light heart, a healthy body & a silent mind with scientific practices, transmutative prayers & yogic secrets.
The Science of Surrender

Rah Buddha Ki, Pata Krishna Ka

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Bodhmarga is the Sincere Practice of being on the Path of Awareness - an Easeful Evolution toward Divine Consciousness.

Spirituality is experienced as visceral sensations in the form of Light, Sound & Vibration. This vibration forms the basis of scientific research & study. Science is now recognizing the physics behind many spiritual phenomena through the branches of study such as parapsychology, polyvagal theory, epigenetics & researches on the impact of practices & tools of wellbeing, which were discovered by yogic researchers centuries before today’s science could even fathom it.

Eastern philosophy & Spirituality take us back to the Original State where one lives & operates from Bodh, that is, Awareness. All the Ascended Masters & their Scriptures which mention the phenomenon of Awakening is this – It is through Awareness that one experiences interconnectedness & a Spirit of Oneness – the Permanent Presence that we are all One. 

Bodhmarga offers an amalgamation of the facts of physics, nervous system regulation & simple somatic practices rooted in ancient spiritual wisdom.

Bodhmarga Foundation’s endeavor has always been Sahajoddhar – to enable people grow consciously and effortlessly. This is brought into each one’s experience, in their daily lives, through the Clarity of the Conscious Practices & collective programs offered at Bodhmarga .

We have come to experience that by transforming one individual and bringing inner peace and harmony in their life, it brings peace in their world, which in turn helps to bring peace within people around them with a cascading effect of bringing peace to the entire society and to the whole world, all through this Sahaj Path which connects you to your Inner Divinity.

The Foundation

Based on 3 Principles

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Sharing Shuddha Bhav - pure intentions, healthy vibrations & clear perceptions in Awareness, toward all we come across every day.

Access the Free Resources to enhance your experience of life.

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Resonating with the Truth of our Soul, in association with the Divine in all good thoughts, good choices and uplifting connections.

Experience the Free LIVE Programs to begin to see a shift now.

Seva, attitude of selfless service, unconditional love gratitude humbleness grow in spirituality


Giving without expectations & attachment as we build Trust in the Universe, in our Self & in knowing that we are taken care of.

Expand your receiving & deeply self-transform with our Volunteers.

Project Gaushala

Research & Development 60%

Mauli Community Living

Pilot Test with Bodh Nivas 85%

Bodh Kirtan

Planning & Production 90%

Mauli Project

Research & Relationship 70%

Pasaydaan Book Distribution

Publication 95%
Our Projects

Inclusions on the Path

Namaste! We are a family of volunteers, spanning across borders and faith, connected through a common chord  Bodh – the Awareness that is innate to all of us – & gently guided toward Consciousness by Vibhushri. 

Our Projects reflect the Values we stand for and the pace with which we wish to bring the Gentle revolution of Peace to our worlds. 

We are keenly aware that even though this is a path of Non-Doership, we must find and open up channels where we focus our energies – physical, mental & spiritual – to allow an effortless upliftment for all involved.

Having a wide range of inclusion, our projects have the Awareness of the impact of Sharing & Compassion toward our eco-systems at their core and each project, each activity, offers each of us a chance at experiencing sharing the same Divine core.