I vividly remember it was around Sept 2019 that I was working in the Network Marketing industry as I wanted to do something of my own after working in a job for more than 25 years in the customer service industry. Initially, I was enjoying it and making some money but then I realized that I was becoming manipulative, and everyone that I met relatives or friends I was looking to benefit from them. 

I was in complete Self Gratification and this guilt was making me fall in my own eyes. 

Thus, began the crisis in my life where I was feeling lost, directionless, and with low self-esteem and wondering what to do with my life.

Then luckily, I came into acquaintance with someone who introduced me to Vibhushri, a Nada Yogi working with Sound and Vibrations based on Science and ancient yogic secrets to help transform people’s life and so I decided to join his DNA and NAVEL programs conducted in November of 2019.

These programs helped me immensely and I began experiencing growth in all aspects of my life may it be financial, health, or relationship. I started feeling more peaceful and living life with more ease. Also, during one of these programs, while discussing my state with Vibhushri, he made me aware that the remaining of my life is meant for Seva (Service) with the golden words – ‘Rukh Jao, Tham Jao, Seva mai Judd jao’(Take a Pause, get rooted and engage in doing service). Everything for you and your family will be taken care of

This was a Game changer for me and I suddenly got the clarity and purpose I was seeking.

But this was just the start of my transformative journey and then my spiritual journey continued with Vibhushri through BodhMarga, attending regular Pasaydaan events which help us practice and embrace – A joyful, peaceful, and Easeful living with Divine grace.

I was pleasantly surprised to see miraculous changes not only in myself but also in the people around me.

The secret concept of EFGH i.e. Ease, Forgiveness, Gratitude & Humbleness is helping me to let go of my stuck patterns, and karmas.

Also, CARE Practice ie Soksh Moksh practice taught by Vibhushri is like a karmic ledger of life closing every day. It’s making me free from all guilt & burdens on the very same day & live life effortlessly & consciously. I’m learning to see every human being beyond their patterns and mind and connect with them through the spirit of Oneness.

Today, I’m a volunteer at Bodhmarga and I’m experiencing that everything is being taken care of, for me and my family, in every moment. My eternal gratitude to Vibhushri for his presence & showing us this path of Easeful Awareness.