Kirtan is an ancient Art of Connecting to the Divine. It is the most easeful way of opening up our hearts to healing, health & wholesomeness 🙂

We deepen our Connection the Divine Within by Being Present & Devoting ourselves to Singing for the Divine in deeply moving words, rhythms and tunes.

Vibhushri quotes the Saints who celebrated their Devotion through the composition of these Kirtan and says,
In Kirtan, the ones who sing the kirtan, the ones who listen to it and the One doing the Kirtan (The Divine) become One.

Each Kirtan by Bodhmarga is a beautifully soothing way of Receiving many blessings from the Ascended Beings, the Gods & Goddesses, who Each represent a Core Form of Energy in the world inside and outside.

The Kirtan have their own annotations! Their contexts are provided by Vibhushri in each video, as a Satsang (” The Good Association & Dialogue of people and truths of Divine Wisdom”) right before the next sacred hymn is sung.

For now, we have included a brief translation of the name of each Kirtan in the linked videos and what each soothing Sacred Song is about 🙂

| The New Years’ Eve Kirtan of 2020 |

  1. Moko Taar Le Re – “Save Me from this World with Grace” – At Bodhmarga, we experience each God to be a Divinely High Frequency Being and Lord Ram is the vibration of having your Heart in the Right Place. So we sing to invite this frequency and transform our being from Asura to Sura ( from misaligned to Aligned Beings. )
  2. Tu Majhi Mauli & Panduranga chant – “You are My Compassionate Divine Mother” – Mauli is a way of addressing the Ascended Compassionate Beings who expand beyond just oneself to All, in Consciousness and sustain all ecosystems with their Loving Presence. We sing, as a child of the Divine, to invite the frequency of Mauli within and chant to address the Divine Pandurang (The One whose color is White as He is Home to all the colours / emotions / frequencies ) as our Solace and Salvation.
  3. Mann Lago Yaar Fakiri Mein – “I Devote Myself to Divine Simplicity” – The world wishes to accumulate wealth and ends up being bound by it, and in this sacred kirtan, we ask Divine to make us a Simple being who lives as a free ascetic, on the Generous Alms of the Divine’s Love.
  4. Bharam Todd Diya – “You Broke my Delusion” – Sant Kabir, the Hindi poet who is known across the world for his profound 2-line wisdom called ‘Dohe,’ wrote this Kirtan as a way of thanking the Divine for breaking his delusions, illusive, impermanent attachments to the world. We join in on this Bhav of the Kirtan with Sant Kabir & thank the Divine for connecting us to what is permanent – Awareness of the Graceful Love of the Divine.
  5. Vitthala chanting – The God Krishna is known as God Vitthal in the State of Maharashtra in India. In Reverance to the God Vitthal, we chant His name & invite him to Bless our being with his Awareness within us – the Awareness of the Divinity in us and in All.

Explore each of these Divine Sacred Sounds in further detail in the links provided below (for lyrics and detailed interpreted translations, Coming Soon! 🙂 )