It happens by not accumulating any painful or low vibrations, in our lives, minds & behaviours, even the ones that are subtle.

The patterns of low vibrational thought, speech or actions shape our character and our karma. It helps to realize how to rectify our Karmic mistakes and not accumulate any more Karmas with respect to oneself.

Yet, the way accumulated karma becomes obvious is in relational conflict, in the disharmony and skewed perspectives between two people about each other and themselves.

The Three Spaces of Vibration within a human being are the Mind, the Heart and the Navel.

Navel is where you connect with others, where the core the wave length of our vibration is. The Mind is where one’s Conditioning or Sanskar are and the Heart is the Emotion center, Home to Bhav.

At one point we can either be Sensing or Thinking. We can either be in Presence, in the Present Moment or in thinking / worrying about the past / future.

If we use our mind to grow, we develop the brain faculties and get into thinking only. We develop fear, and anger & lose connection with the Navel. The Mind’s relentless looping creates problems in our world.

The Navel gets stronger with the person being Rooted in the Awareness of the Soul.

This is something that can only happen with Resonance.

Children who don’t get the Resonance of a Loving Person in Awareness, especially if they get distanced from the Presence of their mother up until 3 yrs, get fearful, overthinking & develop the tendency of being in mind. So they get disconnected from their Consciousness. They start using their mind only as the …also Navel does not get developed.

We have to align the Navel, Heart & Mind.

In general, We live much of our waking hours, operating from the mind & body. We are disconnected from the Navel & Heart. People who are engulfed in the worries of the past and the future, cannot love and tend to develop the qualities of a timid character such as people pleasing, being influenced easily, suppressing one’s own voice, irritability and more.

Only connection with Navel builds Love & can Compassionately Empathize & Love others.
The Juice of Life & Happiness comes from being Centered and Rooted in the Navel.

People who use their intuition, can go forward in life and live fuller lives.

Most energy is consumed by the Brain. Let’s have a brief overview of how the Three Spaces connect to different parts of the Brain.

Brain :
Neocortex brain( Overthinking) : Mind / Mukti.
Limbic system(Feels) : Heart / Bhakti
Brain stem(Sense) : Navel / Bhukti

Those who think more, their Ability to Feel & Sense themselves tends to become dead. We need to sense our Feelings & Vibration & Sense those of others around us as well.

External success is dependent on your internal communication.

The people we attract in our life is a reflection of my Navel & the DNA encoded information, passed on as genetic and Ancestral Patterns, in my body and beliefs.

So the way out of the loop of overwhelming emotions is to Pause and become Present.

When there are intense emotions, start Sensing yourself. This helps you regulate and the Navel starts to stabilize the emotions.

To be Sensible is to understand one’s own sensations, and to be aware of what is going on in the world inside. If one does not sense oneself, they are in their mind & may be aptly considered, Nonsense.

Sense your body. Be in the Navel. Perception is the faculty of the Navel. One can sense his own sensations.

There is a constant fight of vibrations going on within us all – one vibration of love and the other of disgust. Every moment, we can choose to go either way. Let us choose Consciously. Let us drop all notions and unhelpful, unnecessary perceptions, beliefs and conditioning of habits and words.

The Navel grinds up and harmonizes all the problems of our life. But desperation and demand for anything disturbs the alignment of the Navel.

As for strengthening one’s Heart Space, the Seat of Bhav – Compassionate Love is the Key.

Love is for God, it happens automatically, you feel the constant Presence of God, of the Divine, of a Higher power watching over you, in your life. When this love happens, people in our life also experience this Love. We respond to situations in a different way.

If we are not relaxed for the majority of our life, being tense, hyper & on our toes, it weakens our roots and gradually dysregulates us, blocking the Navel Space. Giving too much significance to something or someone also blocks the Navel – You should respect everyone, and give them value, but not much significance & importance because these are subtle ways of attachment only. When you are continuously thinking about something, you are being swept up in influence and you are leasing out your Roots, your Navel, to them.
Manipulation also disturbs the Navel.
Seeking validation from others for your actions also disturbs the Navel. Demanding or Seeking acknowledgement, appreciation or praise from others is seeking validation.
Unfulfilled promises, goals, our subtle Sankalp and contracts, debts or loans which are not repaid also disturb our Navel even if they are from friends, helpers or people in the family.

Getting rooted in the navel makes you free from external distractions and any subtle envy from seeing others getting what you want.

If you cannot forgive, then also navel gets disconnected. Forgiveness, The Acceptance that prerequisites it, is most important.

Start by forgiving yourself & then others, whoever has done wrong to you – Seeing them as Innocent, Pure Souls and becoming free of the prison of Guilt for yourself.

Remain rooted in the Navel, Focusing all attention towards Sensing the Navel, it regularizes all – anything that comes your way, you will feel Protected, Loving and Loved. Keep Sensing the Navel always.