It is by pure grace, Vibhushri came into my life and blessed me to be a part of the Bodhmarga family. It has only been three years since then, but when I came into Vibhushri’s presence for the very first time, it felt like I finally came under the shelter of my Eternal Father, whose love and warmth was just like a Mauli, safe and secure like in the womb of the Universal Mother. I hadn’t felt so belonged ever in my life and my soul finally felt soothed. All my fears, anxieties and worries found a place to rest and I was assured of my Soul’s Well-Being hidden here. From here on, the Grateful Heart had resolved to keep walking on this journey with Complete Faith and Surrenderence.

Bodhmarga talks about the three pillars of this Sacred Journey, Nishtha (Faith), Nishchay (Firm Resolution), and Namrata (Humbleness). Nishtha takes birth when Grace takes a physical form. For me, the Grace took the form of Unconditional Acceptance in those things of life, which on the other days, would get on my nerves. I could see myself naturally dropping the traits and habits that were never serving me, which I had thought to be an integral part of me, and almost believed I would be living with them my whole life!

My heart was freely resting in an ocean of Calm and Serenity. And this sense was spreading across my entire being that continued to last for a very long time, something I had never experienced before. Such an extraordinary feeling that my heart was certain, there is Divine Intervention here. I am no longer in my mind’s limited control. I have been lovingly handed over into Divine’s Lap. A New Self was awakening, and it was all by Divine Grace and Blessings!

As I welcomed the New Self, I was only coming to realize that this is my True Nature unraveling in Divine Presence. I was finding my long forgotten Self back to life that was Free from all the Mind driven Limitations, that could Listen to the Heart’s deepest voice in every single moment and Fearlessly act on the Heart’s Divine Desires. This path empowered me to understand my own heart and even today, I am cherishing this journey of diving deeper and deeper into the depths of the heart where there is only found sheer love hidden for the Divine. Guru gave me the power to discover and express that love, the love that I always wished to express but in limited human relationships. But, now this path showed me the direction to channelize this Love, in a selfless and unconditional manner, which in turn brings so much peace and harmony in all other humanly relationships as well, offering ultimate contentment to the Soul. This indeed is the journey of moving away from Self Gratification and heading towards Soul Fulfillment.

Bodhmarga, the Path of Awareness is such a beautiful path even though it isn’t always as gentle as the petals of a flower. One comes across sharp thorns as well, but even they are the graceful blessings from the Divine, for these thorns too provide the exact love and nourishment to the Soul. It is only on this path, that one gets the taste of Joy (Ananda) in all circumstances, which is beyond the temporary states of Happiness (Sukh) and Sadness (Dukh). From being a timid, under confident girl, whose heart kept all the Love and Beauty suppressed under the overwhelming emotions influenced by external stimulations, and then finally vomiting them one day when it became intolerable and incapable for the body to bear any more; from there the Divine Self emerged with immense Love and Respect held for the Divine that resided within me. I found my Voice and I am still finding my Unique Expression to Honor the Soul’s Unique Voice and Path. But this clarity and confidence couldn’t have been received without Guru’s kind grace, love and compassion.

I bow down my humble heart before the Greatness of the Divine that has been showering countless blessings over this Being ceaselessly, so much so that the Heart is pleasantly overwhelmed and the Soul completely Fulfilled. Life has become like a Dance with the Divine, receiving the blessings of True Love in the most sacred manner. This Heart is eternally grateful and it is its deepest desire for the Whole of Humanity to find it’s Way to Absolute Grace and Divinity…. Jai Gurudev!