In today’s world almost all of us are at Unease with ourselves due to our overactive mind and always being at mind level. This creates a lot of inner chaos and conflict within us which gets reflected in all our relationships with our bosses, spouse, family members, etc. because we connect with them also from the mind level and try to manipulate them.

Now, we cannot change others but we can definitely remove the vibrations which are present within us causing this conflict and be at ease within. The way to resolve this is to come in Bodh (Awareness). It will enable us to connect with others from the Soul level i.e. Spirit of Oneness rather than at the mind level. 

Simply put, Operating from the mind makes us Unease, and operating from Bodh helps us be at ease.

CARE model practice of Soksha Moksha given to us by Vibhushri helps us do that by using a simple science-based technique involving 4 step process.

4 Steps of CARE model practice are 

  1. Connect – So we first connect with the Vishvatmak Dev (Spirit of Oneness) by coming to our breath and being in the present moment in the presence of our Master who has attained this state of Oneness and acts as a mediator to help us connect at soul level with other person.
  1. Address – Reflect on situations where we connected with others at the mind level and had conflicts due to forgetting to connect with them through the spirit of oneness i.e. Soul level.
  1. Rectify – Bring all things you want to address in awareness (Bodh) so that they can be rectified so you and the other person are both at ease and uplifted.
  1. Ease – Pray to the Spirit of Oneness to come at Ease with ourselves and others by his grace and remove the conflicting vibrations causing conflict & unease.

To experience Ease and harmony in your life & relationship and follow this transmutative practice do join us.