In the presence of Love, greed and lust disappear. Even illnesses disappear.

Then have you ever wondered how did we create the absence of love?

This is because we have misunderstood love. Limited interpretations of love have misguided us. When in reality, Love is infinite and divine. 

In the absence of love, we crave. Craving is a mask that covers the scarcity inside us. It could be junk food, smoking, looking for multiple partners, or indulging in porn. Any form of craving is a sign of an absence of love. We try to fill the void, this incompleteness within, by engaging our senses in craving. But we are not satisfied, not satiated, no matter how much we indulge.

Soon, without realizing it, our craving turns into an addiction. Taking us into a life of greed and lust which develops dense, heavy vibrations within us and leading to our downfall.

Now that you understand the cause, you can choose to rise by removing those vibrations within you. This will by itself, Nurture love within you and bring about a sense of contentment. All extra efforts will cease.

Bhagwad Gita quotes that till the time of dying if we do not awaken our consciousness, we die in a state of scarcity.

By Awakening Love within us, we can die being fulfilled, whole and complete. For the more aware ones, you can live this life in complete wholeness, at all times, in complete consciousness.

You can click here to watch this video by Vibhushri to understand more.