6 minute Bhagavad Gita

concentrated life wisdom

Learn the Bhagavad Gita in 6 minutes with a direct mind map

Vibhushri’s Avtarit Gita – a powerful summation of the essence of each Bhagwat Gita chapter, provided via a mind map for the busy human.

This series is a diagrammatic representation of the chapters – a visual experience of the gita in the mind mapping format. 

With each word being a vibrational power packet of direct wisdom revealed to Vibhushri, the 6 min Bhagavad Gita series offers its viewer the unique chance of knowing the timeless, Divine wisdom of each chapter at a glance.

A previous series of Geetanubhav (inset, image) can be found, which allows for a more elaborate experience of each chapter.

Each chapter of the 6 min bhagavad gita is directly revealed to Vibhushri and then unveiled in a concise manner in the video for the people of today who may not have hours to spare for elaborate bhagavad gita classes and yet have the spiritual seeking to be wiser with ease – with respect to time, mind space and place of learning.

One episode premieres each month and is scheduled from November 2023 to April 2024.

So if you’re looking for concise, sharp, unconventional bhagavad gita classes near you, check out the current chapters and stay tuned for further episodes!

These videos are one of the first of Bodhmarga’s in-house production series which is growing into a platform with a multitude of resources to look forward to.

For the common men and women who live their lives, to receive the wisdom of the Bhagwat Gita in 6 mins.
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The Story of Bodh Vaani Satsang Series

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