Soksha Moksha

E Bhav prayers
The Sacred Chants Kirtan from the Midnight of Mahashivratri 2023
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Soksha Moksha, the CARE practice.

The Practice which leads to Peace, anchored in Acceptance through the Grace of the Gurus, the Resonance of the Voice within us All.

Explore a small excerpt on the topic of Soksha Moksha in the video below.

The CARE passage, a direct implementation of living the Pasaydan Prayer, is implemented as available in the video alongside as a part of the e Bhav prayer, from 6 pm to 7 pm everyday, done collectively, LIVE on Zoom.

In Vibhushri’s own words, we describe the CARE process having 4 foundational elements : 

प्रायशचित्त (Prayaschitta) : Connect – to bow in reverance of the Presence of a Higher Truth, the Universal Consciousness

परिमार्जन (Parimarjan) : Address – to Acknowledge our misgivings and wrongdoings in thought, speech and action, with respect to ourselves and others.

परीशोधन (Parishodhan) : Rectify – to seek Mediation and Pardon from the Divine, to forgive and be forgiven in acceptance of the Higher Truth.

प्रसन्नता (Prasannata) which is the प्रसाद (Prasad) : Ease – to Receive the Blessing of Peace and Release from the habit of misdoings. 

Bodhmarga largely follows Abhyaas Yoga for daily life, that is, the practice of keeping possible karmic consequences away.

E Bhav Culture daily prayers and blessing session satsang
An Economy Abundant in Peace, rooted in health and gratitude, based on Organic byproducts from the Gau Mauli.
An ecosystem of Soul-based living, giving back to the Sacred Gau Mauli, to retore our wellbeing & connection to nature.
Renewal of EnergyAdopting the old traditions for utilizing Cow Products, in daily life, for bio-holistic restoration. .
The origin

Living with CARE

Restoring the health of our minds, hearts, homes & ecosystems.

Caring has been a quintessential part of the human evolution.

How should we CARE in a way that does not bind us to expectations from inside or outside?

Bodhmarga offers a variety of gentle living activities to experience benefits of the processes – eg. eBhav prayer, Vaagyagya.