Mauli Training

mauli spiritual community learning self transformation
Maulies in training for Production at Bodh Nivas, Mumbai
a momentum of self transformation

Mauli Training

 Empowering the dedicated Soyara community to be physically, emotionally, spiritually & digitally aware & evolve their consciousness.

This allows a radical self transformation based on the pillars of Mind Training, Body Training & Heart Cleaning which grow our roots deeper into the foundation of the Wisdom given to us & sustain the Awakening we experience in the Bodhmarga Journey. Each Soyara, whom Vibhusrhi lovingly addresses as a ‘Mauli’ in training, takes upon their life to be a reflection of the Nischay received from the Collective of the Awakened Masters – to Connect & Align with an Awareness of the Soul in the Present.

A variety of tools are provided to each dedicated member of the community to elevate and evolve their experience & interaction with daily life by shifting their baseline frequency to higher frequencies of Divine Peace, Acceptance, Appreciation & Harmony.

Bhav Culture & e Bhav Prayers, the Soyara Community, form the pillars for us to continue practicing the positive momentum of Bhav as Spiritual Seekers on the path of Self Transformation.

Join Us in Giving back to the Mauli who go beyond the self to be instruments of peace and progress for all around.

gaushala practice Maulies at Mahashivratri - one of Bodhmarga projects
An Economy Abundant in Peace, rooted in health and gratitude, based on Organic byproducts from the Gau Mauli.
An ecosystem of Soul-based living, giving back to the Sacred Gau Mauli, to retore our wellbeing & connection to nature.
Renewal of EnergyAdopting the old traditions for utilizing Cow Products, in daily life, for bio-holistic restoration. .
The origin

The Story of Project Mauli

Restoring the health of our minds, hearts, homes & relationships.

Seeking Guidance from a Mauli has been a quintessential part of the Indian household, traditionally.

Bodhmarga offers a variety of processes  to experience benefits of the processes for Effortless self transformation, such as Vaagyagya, Bhav Shuddhi Prakriyas like Soksha Moksha, Satsang, Kirtan.