bodhopaay event ceremony at bodhmarga foundation spiritual festival of mahashivaratri with vibhushri
The Divine process of Direct Quick Awakening, Bodhopaaya
An instant awakening experience

Bodhopaaya : The Process to Directly Connect to the Divine Will in All That Life Offers You

Bodhopaayais the best process with which we move toward awareness, awakening. Bodh is divinity be always in our awareness and experience. To be directed by the Divine is Bodh.

Usually, the guidance / direction is dependent on our environment DNA patterns habits and conditioning – that makes us misaligned from the Divine within.

In Bodh, our Bhav is in Resonance with Divine Bhav.

Bodh blossoms when ego reduces – when the influence of our habits conditioning, patterns & expectations reduces, we move toward Bodh.

To empty our ego and reach our core vibration is Bodh and the And the Divine Implementation Upaaya to get there is Bodhopaaya.

Sadhubodh zhala to na uruniya thela” means that by being in the Resonance of Saints’ Bodh Bhav, the person is transformed and doesn’t remain the same as their perception shifts.

This is an unconventional path of Surrender and Divine momentum.

Given to us by the Ascended Master, Sant Dyaneshwar Mauli, Bodhopaaya is a Sahaj process and isn’t received with a strict harsh disciplines or kadi tapasya .

We are connected with the divine – beliefs, frequencies & conditions, only from resonance. All of this forms the ego. Ego = guest frequencies covering up accumulated upon the core vibration.

This unobvious path is only revealed to Those who are Ready and Connected to the Wisdom of their own Soul, in Guru Kripa.

Bodhopaaya is an incredibly life-altering, direct, aligned path to spiritual awakening and growth, an Easeful path to Mukti – liberation, salvation, awakening.

Mukti is Freedom from sanskaar, from conditions and conditioning of pain & unease. All unnecessary is dropped & we experience states of Akriya – a Non-doership.

Many instantly experience awakening after Bodhopaaya.

How to know that we are experiencing awareness? 8th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita tells us – when one does not over think things, when one’s unnecessary activities cease to be, when one’s unnecessary talking (justification, blame, gossip, unsolicited advice giving) is gone and when one becomes restful instead of restless so he may fulfill his purpose.

All the beings in whose life Bodhopaaya comes, start moving toward liberation from the bondages of their life circumstances, internal programming and painful inner and outer experiences, with utmost ease and peace, Consciously Effortlessly.

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