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About Us

The Pillars of Bodh Marga

The Path of Peaceful Self-Transformation in Awareness, every moment.

The Bodhmarga Foundation is based on it’s Core Values & a deep Inner Yog – the Journey of the Seekers on this path, guided by the voice of Gentle Consciousness, Vibhushri.

These Pillars serve as steps to our collective evolution on the path of Awareness, which is simply a conscious & effortless structure of interacting with the world, with our energies, in our daily lives, providing us a foundation of Peace, with Ease.

Know Us

Our Core Values

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How the Practice of Bodhmarga Frees You

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Our Story

Spirituality is experienced as visceral sensations in the form of Light, Sound & Vibration. This vibration forms the basis of scientific research & study. Science is now recognizing the physics behind many spiritual phenomena through the branches of study such as parapsychology, polyvagal theory, epigenetics & researches on the impact of practices & tools of wellbeing, which were discovered by yogic researchers centuries before today’s science could even fathom it.

Eastern philosophy & Spirituality take us back to the Original State where one lives & operates from Bodh, that is, Awareness. All the Ascended Masters & their Scriptures which mention the phenomenon of Awakening is this – It is through Awareness that one experiences interconnectedness & a Spirit of Oneness – the Permanent Presence that we are all One. 

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Welcome to the Path

Namaste! We are a family of volunteers, spanning across borders and faith, connected through a common chord  Bodh – the Awareness that is innate to all of us – & gently guided toward Consciousness by Vibhushri. 

Bodhmarga stands for the ‘Path of Awareness’ and propagates ‘the path that always keeps us in the Presence and Guidance of Divinity’

Conceived to ensure human well-being and growth, BodhMarga Foundation uses the profound and ancient teachings of ‘Advaita’, ‘Mahayog of Pasaydaanand ‘Spanda Shastra’ (the science of vibrations) to realize this.

To be in BodhMarga does not require you to have a religious background, follow any practice or Guru, chant or meditate daily. Rather, it takes you through a ritual-free effortless path, guiding the person to free themselves from karmic bondages, sufferings, and move towards truth, freedom and be complete. 

We aim to enhance the quality of lives of the 21st Century men and women by enabling them to return to Bodh at any given moment, situation or relationship. With a blend of spirituality, scientific tools & transmutative, endowed practices, Bodhmarga aims for us to receive sustainable growth, peace, wholeness & wellbeing.