Contribute to the Upliftment of Organizations

mauli project sindhutaai sapkal ngo
Two Maulies in a pod - Vibhushri with Sindhutaai Sapkal at her NonProfit Organization
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The Upliftment of Organizations

As a part of the donation activities of the Bodhmarga Foundation – a non-profit, charitable trust for all, our Soyaras organize drives for donation to small organizations which house people in need – to empower women & children from low-accessibility backgrounds and provide support for meeting their basic physical, educational & emotional needs.

Your donations are directly passed on to the small organizations supporting the housing, provision & education of the groups of people from underprivileged backgrounds who are in dire need of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare & educational upliftment. A portion of the donations would be used for researching sustainable models of donation, building relationships with communities in need and to spread awareness of the donation drives, allowing the appropriate resources to be allocated & transform the lives of thousands. Join us in the prosperous practice of Divine Sharing through the conscious act of Daan.

A symbiotic ecosystem of organizations expanding through sharing of resources, experiences & abundance.
Uplifting many mid-size NGOs to prosper and create a larger impact on their people, towns and communities.
Sharing of EnergyObserving the wide spectrum of human compassion and experiences to aid upliftment .