Securing a Mauli Space – Land for Bodh Prastha Ashram

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Two Maulies in a pod - Vibhushri with Gau Mauli at Gaushala
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Securing a Land for Mauli Space

As a part of the Mauli Living Community, we are in the process of researching sustainable models of community living and providing a more conscious structure of living in this world – through the establishment & design of the Bodh Prastha Ashram. This is a conscious space of self transformation for all people from all walks of life to practice & belong to the Journey of Bodhmarga – Growing consciously, effortlessly. We are currently in the phase of looking for a piece of land to make this dream of a Conscious Utopia, step closer to reality. 

Your donations are directly passed on to the process of creating a corpus fund for purchasing the required land of 10 acres near Mumbai. A portion of the donations would be used for researching sustainable models of Community Living, Process & Project Design of the Bodh Prastha Ashram and to support the Soyaras who aid the project which will transform reach millions. Join us in building a base for expanding our consciousness & create a sustainable living community with the Mauli Space of the Bodh Prastha Ashram.

Consecrated Space of Oneness for sharing resources, experiences & transformation.
An ecosystem of Soul-based living, practicing Conscious Compassion with Ease.
Bodh Prastha AshramBuilding pilots, physical and process blueprints for the Bhav Centers across India .