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Mauli Community Living

We are currently having a pilot of the Mauli Living Community at a transitioning Ashram Space in a Greener portion of Mumbai, which we address as, ‘ Bodh Nivas.’ This is a simple, easeful space for self-transformation, soulful collaboration & creation where the community is empowered with digital, spiritual & inter-personal skills to return to a more sustainable society. 


Your donations are directly passed on as support for maintenance of the Bodh Nivas space – hygiene, provision of food & basic amenities, related community activities & maintenance. A portion of the donations would be used for researching sustainable Mauli Community Project and to spread awareness about an ecosystem which is rooted in the ancient practice of having a having the Gau Mauli as apart of the household – an anchor for love & peace in each home. Join us in giving back to the Mauli Community who gives so much to us.

gaushala practice Maulies at Mahashivratri - one of Bodhmarga projects
Bhav Centers for Seekers of all age groups to collectively evolve, offer time, skills, resources in the presence of Divine energies & expand their hearts, minds & receiving.
An ecosystem with an evolving structure, which allows all to belong in a deeply inspired, collective momentum toward conscious & compassionate living.
Focus of the CollectiveComing together with a dedicated group of Maulies for seva, sharing & satsang to experience the expansion of the collective. .