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Pasaydaan book publication
Two Maulies in a pod - Vibhushri with Gau Mauli at Gaushala
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The Pasaydaan Book

As a part of the Bodh Publication Series, our Soyaras have successfully completed the publication of the book of Pasaydaan, and are in the process of distributing the Divine Book of Pasaydaan. This is a simple yet powerful book for understanding and living the Wisdom of Pasaydaan – A Transmutive Prayer. 

Your donations are directly passed on to the process of extended publication re-iteration & related publication activities & to enable the book to reach every home who wills to be a space of harmony. A portion of the donations would be used for researching sustainable publishing and to spread awareness of the books, allowing ancient Yogic wisdom of the lineage of Awakened Masters to reach millions. Join us in building a base for expanding our consciousness & our reach with the Pasaydaan Book.

Pillars of Peace for all Seekers, in the form of Books & written text, having easeful language, concentrated wisdom & directly revealed guidance for Growing Consciously, Effortlessly.
A vast library of published resources that allow for the modern-day you to - to access, assimilate & apply the wisdom of the powerful Masters of Yog for health, harmony & healing.
Be Deburdened, this momentSeamlessly experience inner peace with the powerfully simple Soksha Moksha - a process to break karmic loops & realize relational harmony. .