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Take the True Journey of a Lifetime. Evolve Consciously, Effortlessly

From birth, we are conditioned to an outward journey – a journey of titles, roles & ranks. Bodhmarga allows you to gently un-condition yourself to move from consumption to connection – experiencing an inner journey of ease .

Being a non-profit organization, Bodhmarga paves the way for a collective shift toward a peaceful world through a foundation of inner peace and offers easeful, accessible resources & initiatives for all, beyond religion & belief systems.



Sahajoddhaar - Grow Consciously, Effortlessly


Create a community and space for Soul based living which is in harmony with nature, child-friendly and self sustainable.


Expand toward having a clear heart, a healthy body & a silent mind using scientific practices, transmutative prayers and ancient yogic secrets.
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How the Practice of Bodhmarga Frees You

One can simply receive Awareness by being present & joining the momentum of Divine Presence, being gently transmitted by the Voice of Vibhushri. Observe an easeful shift, through simply listening.


No change in food habits, conduct, belief systems and there is no need to place faith in a new deity, guru, or persona. Bodhmarga is the path of self transformation through radical acceptance of your truth.


Bodh Marga requires no meditation, no chanting, yoga or rituals. It is the journey of non-doing, a Happening. It is an ‘Akriya Marga,’ that which leads one to a state of Witnessing a deep Fulfillment in life.