Impactful insights of the Consciousness from Awakened Masters, published as easy-to-understand books to make that deep wisdom accessible for all in today’s busy world.

The Wave of Harmony – Soyaras holding the 1st edition of the Pasaydaan book at Mahashivratri 2022 to represent the start of a gentle revolution which leads from and to a space of Peace – of Pasaydaan.

Bodh Publication Series – a Written Source of Harmony in our worlds.

We are currently publishing a book on Pasaydaan in various languages which is a handbook for Peaceful and joyous living, supplemented with processes of Transmutive Prayer.

We also have are in process of designing Pasaydaan book for Kids in story format so parents can be helped to bring this deep wisdom to them in an easeful, engaging way.

The Bodh Publication series would nurture the Gyaan Yog aspect of the MahaYog Practice of the Bodhmarga Journey expand to a wide variety of physical & digital resources, covering a variety of topics which allow one to elevate their experience of life through the words of Wisdom of Vibhushri & practical processes to come closer to discovering their own truth, to re-write their current selves. Join us in this profound act of making this life-altering knowledge available to all.

“Wisdom here is not learned but experienced as an Awareness of Divinity in the Present Moment – Aata” – Vibhushri

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