A Consciously Evolving ecosystem of Volunteers & Soyaras based on preservation, connection for a gently revolutionary & truly uplifting lifestyle.

Small waves from the Sea of Bhav – A Group of Maulies learn how to handle equipment from an industry expert as a Part of Mauli Training – an activity which allows them to expand their domain of seva with learning the technical skills required in a successful visual production for Bodhmarga’s various projects

Mauli Community Living

We have come up with a drive for a consecrated space where Seekers on Mauli (Oneness) Journey could come together for Seva, Sharing and Satsang, on a dedicated piece of Earth and learn to create a deeply symbiotic relationship with Nature in this experience of life. This is to expedite the growth on the journey for inner peace and awareness and bliss.

Empowering people of all ages with the essence – the tools of current age technology as well as those of ancient philosophy – so they can awaken a shift in the model of community living by learning, practicing & living the wisdom, with Bhav.

We currently have pilot tests of this evolving project in Mumbai & Delhi to help bring soyaras together in this journey of growing consciously, effortlessly.

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