A sustainable & economic way of appreciation of Gau Mauli – a central source of Divinity for all Hindu Grihastha and a sweet way of giving back to Her.

Two Maulies in a pod – The love that goes beyond language and a connection that makes two beings become one presence.

Project Gaushala – for the Living Gau Mauli who gives away He all

We collaborate with and support various Gaushalas in the vicinity of Mumbai. Providing them financial support for subsistence & other support they may need to enhance the living conditions of our dear Gau Maulies & her baby calves with support for maintenance for hygienic cattle houses, provision of greener fodder, nutritious grains & other appropriate foods. We also are looking forward to promote Cow Economy in the near future and spread awareness about an ecosystem which is rooted in the ancient practice of having the Gau Mauli as apart of the household – an anchor for love & peace in each home. Join us in giving back to the Gau Mauli who gives so much to us.

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