Mauli Training for Self-transformation

Empowering the dedicated Soyara community to be physically, emotionally, spiritually & digitally aware & evolve their consciousness.
This allows a radical self transformation based on the pillars of Mind Training, Body Training & Heart Cleaning which grow our roots deeper into the foundation of the Wisdom given to us & sustain the Awakening we experience in the Bodhmarga Journey. Each Soyara, whom Vibhusrhi lovingly addresses as a ‘Mauli’ in training, takes upon their life to be a reflection of the Nischay received from the Collective of the Awakened Masters – to Connect & Align with an Awareness of the Soul in the Present.

A variety of tools are provided to each dedicated member of the community to elevate and evolve their experience & interaction with daily life by shifting their baseline frequency to higher frequencies of Divine Peace, Acceptance, Appreciation & Harmony.

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