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Procuring Professional In-House Studio Equipment

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As a part of the Bodh Spanda Series, there are wide range of meditative tracks – chants, mantras, instrumentals & Siddha Kirtans that are recorded in the Studio at Bodh Nivas ( a community space for Bodhmarga ) & published for access to all. This is the primary  initiative which nurtures the stream of Easeful Devotional Consciousness, ‘Bhakti Yog’ in the Maha Yog philosophy of BodhMarga. 

Your donations are directly passed on to the process of supporting Production at Bodhmarga – procuring professional-grade studio equipment for recording, editing & publishing the Music Tracks, to enable the harmony of Bodhmarga to reach every home, every individual who wills to be a space of harmony. A portion of the donations would be used for researching sustainable production, researching Akriya Yog & Bhakti Yog in the backdrop of a 21st-century lifestyle to spread awareness of the impact of the music tracks, allowing the vibrations of harmony & grounding from the lineage of Awakened Masters to reach millions. Join us in procuring the essential resources as a base for expanding our consciousness, our harmony & our reach with the Production at Bodhmarga Foundation’s In-house Studio.

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